Thursday, November 21, 2019

What adjective best describes and defines me Essay

What adjective best describes and defines me - Essay Example However, before delving into a personal analysis of why this word appropriately defines me, it should be considered that for purposes of this analysis, the term motivation and/or motivated will be defined as follows (per the Merriam Webster Dictionary): â€Å"to be provided with a motive or incentive for action† (Merriam Webster Dictionary 2005). It is of course understood that motivated in and of itself is not an effective solitary definition of who I am and how my personality is exhibited to others. However, as a result of analyzing myself, motivated was the singular term that I kept coming back to in seeking to find an appropriate adjective that most appropriately encapsulated who I am and how I approach life and all of the situations it offers. Though many alternative definitions necessarily exist, the term motivated, as it will be analyzed within this analysis is appropriate to defining my personality not due to the fact that it can be used in explaining behavior with regards to academic studies or relationships alone; rather, it serves as an all encompassing term that helps to define how I integrate with the world and define whether or not a given item is of worth and/or how/if I should pursue it. Whereas it is true that many people are profoundly impacted by the way in which their parents instilled values in them or the environment in which they were raised, it is my belief that the motivation that exists within me is as much a product of my own unique identity as the color of my hair or the shape of my own nose. This belief is due to the fact that I have exhibited signs of motivation from early childhood and continue to exhibit them well into adulthood. Whereas many children are briefly blinded by a particular idea and set out to pursue it for a period of time until losing interest, the same cannot be said for me with regards to reviewing my childhood. Taking my interest in music as an example, I

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